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SUMMER of '74

Book Cover Summer of '74
Larry Lehnerz Author
My Story

I am a proud survivor of high school in the ‘70’s where I majored in the art of the daydream, a skill that would help me earn two college degrees in just shy of thirty years. I am a husband, father and “silly Grandpa” in an area south of Seattle known to produce more than a fair share of whackos. A teller of tall tales, lifelong romantic and renowned procrastinator, I have finally set my imagination and humor to work in my debut novel, SUMMER of '74, set in Renton, WA. the jet maker to the world where 737's are produced and authors take years to ferment. 

My Books

SUMMER of '74

My Books

What a beautiful novel. … I fell in love with this book at the opening line …


Sue Lick

Author of SEAL ROCK SOUND and many others.

This book made me smile, laugh, and even shed a few tears. A very fun read! I think nearly anyone will find a little of themselves ...


Beth Humphrey

I didn’t anticipate how much humor and spiritual wisdom would pull me in and increase my interest in what might happen next.


Janice Gildner


I couldn't put this book down last night as I needed to find out what happened to Alex, Shannon, and Shane! … (SUMMER of ’74) had me on the edge of my seat!


Gail Mehlan


I finished the book after starting it only the day before. It's THAT kind of book. Although over 300 pages, it was hard to put down. 


Jeff Holly

Creator of Renton Loop website

A fast paced, very fun read that I enjoyed immensely plus we readers are set up for your next book.  I’d score this one a ten. Great first book!   


Carl Felts


When I read a book and can feel like I am there and pulled in watching and observing everything….. I deem it a perfect book. Summer of ‘74 pulled me in and made me feel as if I was a silent part of everything going on.


Liz Plucker

Pay special attention to scene and chapter endings as Author Larry Lehnerz sneaks in pure golden nuggets of wisdom, which could make up a book all by themselves.


Irma Fritz


It doesn’t seem like 1974 was that long ago, but Larry’s book is definitely a trip back in time.


Ron Shelton


Writing Workshop
Tickle Your Readers:
How to add humor to you writing.

Saturday October 21

Willamette Writers Costal Chapter

Newport Public Library

2 p.m. through 4 p.m.

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